If printers served ice cream, several could dish up a perfectly good bowl of vanilla. But open the door to Sexton. There you also could enjoy the latest flavors, whipped cream, candy sprinkles, and a cherry—all offered with a smile and at a price that wouldn’t take the last two bits from your pocket.

After nearly 70 years, we continue to thrive because of service ethics that never go out of style and by evolving with ever-changing technologies. Others simply put ink on paper. At Sexton, we add trackable response systems, multichannel messaging, audience profiles, data security, and a host of other goodies that sweeten communications.

Like a patron with a special seat at the counter, you’ll be able to order “the usual.” That’s because Sexton consultants are passionate about understanding their customers’ industries, preferences, and needs. So you won’t waste time educating us. Instead, we’ll do our utmost to bring solutions to you.

Welcome to Sexton…integrity, service, innovation.



Certified Color

Achieving the G7 Master Qualification is kind of a big deal. To you, it simply means that your finished print materials will look great—and virtually… 706-755-8129

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Sexton was green before green was trendy. From the energy-efficient lighting turned on in the morning to the recycling bins taken out at night… (418) 396-1348

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Strategic Group

Leave yesterday’s metrics in the dust. Present dynamic, one-to-one content. Know precisely when prospects… 918-808-6471

Working with Sexton, I can rest assured that I am a valued customer. Some shops seem to have a hierarchy of who’s important enough to rush an estimate or shift a press schedule. Over the years, I’ve... (201) 726-4564
Pamela B., Creative Director